Advantages of SSD-Powered Web Hosting? Hosting

Advantages of SSD-Powered Web Hosting?

April 6, 2022

If you have been looking for web hosting services then you must have heard of SSD-Powered Web Hosting services or HDD-Powered hosting. In this blog post, we will tell you why SSD-Powered Hosting is so popular over HDD-Powered Hosting.  

But first, let’s understand some basics!  

What is SSD-Powered Web Hosting? 

While there are many web hosting solutions that are available today and one of the most popular is SSD hosting. SSD stands for Solid State Drive which is a type of drive that doesn’t have a moving part. That accelerates access to your website. SSD gives great speed and security to web hosting. If you will compare SSD technology with the traditional HDD technology, you will see a huge difference between the two.  

What is HDD Hosting? 

HDD means Hard Disk Drive. HDD hosting is the traditional hosting service that most hosting providers are still providing to the customers. The main reason for using the HDD drives in hosting is only because of its cost! This allows hosting providers to buy a large amount of space at a very low price. So, hosting companies can give UNLIMITED space to the customers for their needs. HDD drives have moving parts. Because of this, as compared to SSD drives, the durability of HDD is very low. 

Difference Between SSD vs HDD 

For you, it’s important to understand which type of hard disk your hosting company is offering you and which one is better between SSD & HDD. These both are viable means of storing files. However, SSD-Powered Web Hosting has some very significant advantages over HDD Hosting. The main difference between SSD and HDD is that a Solid State Drive stores the data in integrated circuits but a Hard Disk Drive stores data magnetically, through spinning disks. They are different in terms of speed, adaptability, technical modernity, and user experience.  

HDD is a commonly used storage disk, which uses a moving read/write head to access data. It is a traditional type of storage unit which is used in computer devices. On the other hand, an SSD is a faster, no-motion, and more efficient secondary storage that stores data using flash memory.  

What are the Advantages of SSD Hosting? 

When it comes to comparing SSD vs HDD hosting, it’s not much of a battle. Solid State Drives are significant benefits and advantages when compared with Hard Disk Drives. The only area HDD wins the race is the price per GB of storage. However, the pricing difference is also decreasing every day.  

Hosting Speeds 

As we all know that solid-state drives are generally faster than hard-disk drives. So, SSD-Powered Web Hosting provides faster site speed than HDD. Since your website will serve up data faster, your site will load faster. Because page speed is a Google ranking factor and affects everything from user experience to conversion rates, this benefit can actually make your site significantly more successful. 

Data Security 

Because hard disk drives rely on physical spinning, they’re far more prone to mechanical failure than solid-state drives. And if a drive fails, you’re at risk for data loss. Hosting providers try to mitigate this flaw with HDDs by using a RAID backup system, but the risk still remains to an extent. 

And while an effective backup strategy can further mitigate your risk, it’s still much nicer to not have to worry about your primary drive. In addition to generally having longer lifespans, SSDs are also more resistant to physical damage like bumps or drops. 

For anyone who cares about their data, or website, selecting a hosting company that offers SSD-Powered Web Hosting is a smart choice. 

Faster Execution  

Unlike hard disk drives, solid-state drives can read and write data at the same time. This means they can execute web requests faster than hard disk drives which will lead to better hosting performance, especially for request-heavy sites. Faster read/write times can also lessen your server’s CPU reliance, which frees up server resources. 

Lower Power Usage  

Solid-state drives typically only use about 20% of the power needed for spinning hard disk drives. When scaled up over hundreds of servers, this is a huge saving in power. 

So, if you care about the environment and lowering electricity consumption, you’ll definitely want to choose SSD hosting. 

More Reliable Performance 

Because solid-state drives don’t experience data fragmentation like hard disk drives, they’re able to offer more reliable performance. SSDs always know exactly where the needed data is, unlike HDDs. 

Where To Get SSD-Powered Web Hosting services? 

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