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Our free WordPress hosting includes 24/7 support. Our support staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to assist you via phone, live chat, or email.

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We provide free WordPress hosting so you can create your website for free. Launch your WordPress site today with our easy to use hosting service, free for all.

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Secure your WordPress site for free with SSL Certificates from Let's Encrypt. Powered by Let's Encrypt, each SSL Certificate helps protect visitors' data and secures the connection between your website and users.


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We provide enterprise-level backup and storage solutions for managed WordPress hosting. Ensure your site is always secure and available with our best in class backup services.

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If you're looking to move your WordPress site to a different hosting provider, you have to make sure it's a free hosting service that supports the WordPress platform. Fortunately, there are plenty of choices out there. To make the best decision, here are some of the things you need to consider: Speed - Make sure the new host can provide fast page loading speeds for your visitors. Uptime - Look at the hosts' track record for uptime and availability, so your site won't be down when it needs to be up and running. Security - Check out their security measures and make sure they are taking steps to protect your WordPress website from malicious attacks like DDoS attacks or malware infections. Support - See what type of customer support they offer and how quickly they respond to inquiries or requests for help. Bandwidth - Make sure they have enough bandwidth available so your site can handle unexpected spikes in traffic without any issues. Pricing - Evaluate their pricing structure to make sure you're getting a good deal on your new hosting plan. Reputation - Check out reviews online and see what other users are saying about their services before making a final decision on which free hosting provider is right for you and your WordPress site. By taking all these factors into consideration, you'll be able to find the perfect free WordPress host for your website needs!
Cost-effective: Obviously one of the biggest advantages of using free WordPress hosting is that it's totally free. You don't need to worry about hefty monthly fees and all you need to get started is a domain name and WordPress website. Easy setup: You can set up your site with minimal effort since most providers will install WordPress for you and you don't need to know any coding languages like HTML or CSS. Also, many providers have easy-to-use interfaces so you can get your site up and running quickly. Cons Limited features/resources: Most free hosting services will have limited features compared to paid services as well as restricted resources such as storage space, memory capacity, bandwidth etc., which could cause a slow loading time for your website. Ads: With free hosting, most providers include ads in order to generate revenue which can be distracting for visitors and take away from the overall experience of your site.
When it comes to choosing the best free WordPress hosting, you have two main options: self-hosted and managed. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages that make it more or less suitable depending on your needs. Self-Hosted Self-hosting means that you use a hosting provider to install and maintain the software you need to run your WordPress site. It requires a bit of technical know-how, but it also tends to be more secure than other options. The downside is that it can be time consuming and costly if done incorrectly. Managed Managed hosting is often the easier option for those who don’t want to get too technical when setting up their WordPress site. It involves using a hosting company to manage all of the back-end stuff for you, such as security updates, performance optimization, and more. It's much quicker to set up than self-hosting, but often comes at a cost – both financially and in terms of security – as you are relying on someone else to take care of all the technical stuff for you.
If you want to start a website using WordPress, you're going to need a place to host it. That's where WordPress hosting comes in. Essentially, WordPress hosting is digital space provided by a hosting provider where you can store the files and content that make up your website. But why is this so important? Well, without hosting, your site won't be accessible to anyone online. Quality hosting means your site will be reliable and fast-loading, meaning your visitors will have a good experience when browsing it. Plus, depending on the type of WordPress hosting you choose, it could come with extra features like email accounts and free domain names. When deciding on the best free WordPress hosting for you, it's important to know what kind of website you have (or plan to create), how many visitors you anticipate receiving each month and what kind of features and add-ons the host offers. Different types of WordPress hosts offer different levels of support and security—so it's important that you take all these factors into consideration before making your decision.
If you're looking to build a website on WordPress, you might be considering free hosting as an option. And who can blame you? After all, free hosting sounds like a great deal. But before jumping in and signing up for a free hosting plan, there are some important things to consider. In this guide, I'm going to take you through the ins and outs of choosing the best free WordPress hosting for your website. We'll cover the important aspects of web hosting performance, features, and customer service to help you make an informed decision. So whether you're just starting out or looking to switch from your current provider, this guide will walk you through the process of choosing the perfect WordPress host—for free!