Basics of WordPress for Students: 5 Features Students must know Hosting

Basics of WordPress for Students: 5 Features Students must know

March 12, 2022

WordPress is the most famous CMS. It has been a popular choice since it entered the world almost 20 years ago. WordPress has been sharing new content-writing and info-sharing opportunities. WordPress is the easiest CMS. That's why bloggers love the platform nowadays and speak well of it. In this article, we will learn some basics of WordPress for students and will also let those students benefit from the world-famous CMS.

Introduction WordPress for Students 

Basically, WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that will let you publish, edit, modify, organize, delete and maintain content all in one central space. With WordPress, you can share text, photographs, videos, or audio files. WordPress is a powerful platform to store and manipulate information.  

There are two main versions of WordPress software – and The main difference between the two is that for the .com, you’ll start at a place where you have a site with some degree of functionality available, while with .org, you’ll have to build a site from scratch including installation of plugins and the like. Supported by the international community of independent ‘open source’ programmers & designers WordPress is a managed CMS. 

How Does it Work? 

WordPress work on two web servers: PHP and MySQL. PHP is one of the most used languages on the web, mostly because of WordPress. Users have access to the database where data of all kinds can be created, updated, read, and deleted (CRUD). MySQL is the second most used database management system in the world and is extremely fast at responding to queries. 

On the other hand, MySQL is an open-source DMS (Database Management System) that works in a complex spreadsheet. Moreover, WordPress provides an easy interface for website owners to manage their content. WordPress holds all the content in the MySQL Database.  

5 Features every Student must know about WordPress  


Since WordPress has over 50 thousand plugins. And there are no third parties included in this as well. Imagine yourself as a business owner, and customers are constantly contacting you to get some business. This means you will need an effective plugin to improve your site’s functionality. HubSpot will let you manage contacts, create email lists, check conversations, and will let you create analytical and dashboard.  

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SEO Plugin 

If you don’t have enough knowledge of SEO. But you want to polish up your skills. Then, you can use the all-in-one SEO plugin. This SEO Plugin will allow you to audit your site and will also inform you which areas needs require improvement. You don’t need vast SEO knowledge to install this feature. The plugin has an amazing user-friendly design with tools and dashboards. Use this plugin to increase your site traffic and attract more readers. This Plugin will be your best friend if you are a content writer. This plugin will give you recommendations and will make your work count on Google.  

Free Themes 

Since WordPress is not only a free CMS. So, it makes building and managing the site more exciting. And with WordPress’s SEO tool you will also know how to increase its traffic. But you have built a website, and you also know how will you get the traffic. But what about the design. Here is when ‘themes’ walk in. A theme is a pre-packed set of files that define the layout and colors of your website. Why is this feature important? Obviously, a site without a great design can’t function. 

And WordPress has over 10 thousand themes to choose from and the exciting part is that comes in both free and pre-paid. 

The best themes for students to focus on are as follows: 

  • Ultra; 
  • Astra; 
  • Studio Press; 
  • Avada; 
  • Neve; 
  • Exponent, etc. 

Create Edu Blogs 

Most of the time, Edu blogs are created by teachers for students. However, students can start writing educational content too. Another option is collaborating with your classmates on a writing project. Or sharing tips on a specific task. In the end, you’ll be able to create stunning interactive presentations and add visual elements. 

Learn Web Hosting: 

Well, web hosting comes in many varieties. So, before choosing a web hosting service for your website you must check your hosting provider's performance rates. If you are a beginner, we would suggest you go for Free hosting services as it will not cost you anything as well as will give you some technical knowledge. With some technical knowledge, you will be able to choose the perfect hosting plan for your website and will also be able to manage your website. So, whether it be ‘gaining technical knowledge’ or ‘saving money Free Web Hosting is something every student should prefer in the first place.  

Or else, if you think that Free Web Hosting is something you don’t want to go for. You can go with Shared hosting. And if you are still confused between shared and Free Web Hosting. You can read this blog from Averthost to get a little knowledge about them.  

Where to get Free Web Hosting? 

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