How to get Best Managed VPS Hosting Hosting

How to get Best Managed VPS Hosting

March 8, 2022

Since website hosting providers have made it even easier to start a website, the service is more affordable than ever. Moreover, finding a virtual private server is less complicated than ever. But we can’t deny the fact that the easiest way to host online is with Managed VPS Hosting plans.   

So, to convince you why Managed VPS is the perfect choice we will learn a few things about them. What they are? their benefits? and What can they do for your website?  

Let’s start with the basics.  

What is Managed VPS Hosting?  

Virtual Private Server (VPS) or we can call it, Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS). VDS also works in a virtual environment but some CPU cores are dedicated to it. This is not the case with VPS. In Managed VPS Hosting, hosting providers provide full maintenance or management, full support, and the VPSs are managed entirely by the hosting provider. However, a customer also has full access as well.   

Basically, it works on virtualization, which allows the provider to create virtual instances on the server and allocate a dedicated amount of CPU, RAM, disk space, and bandwidth. What you will get with a Managed VPS Hosting is professional support. You get support from your OS and Software setup, updates, and maintenance to help with all the technical issues. You will have your hosting provider on your side to rely on.   

let's move on to the benefits!  

It's Benefits include  

We will give you tons of reasons to choose Managed VPS Hosting. Since VPS hosting is not only for big enterprises and commercial businesses every online project can get great benefits with a reliable VPS server.   

  • Fast Performance- with a managed VPS server you get resources like a dedicated server. With every VPS you will get couples of CPU core and GB of RAM plus all the disk space a website would need. Since, VPS Hosting provides better performance than a shared hosting and is more affordable than a dedicated server.   
  • Control – with a dedicated server, a VPS gives its users customization freedom. Since, your account is isolated from other websites, you will get a lot more control on your hardware and software. However, managed VPS hosting plans rarely give you full root access to avoid any unexpected issues.  
  • Security – while your server is running faster, it’s well-protected from outside breaches as well. Any respectable managed VPS services will include professional firewall setupsecurity software installationautomatic updatesfree SSL certificates, and more.   
  • Scalability– growing websites can rarely predict their resource consumption, especially once the project really takes off. It’s important to have flexibility when it comes to utilizing your server processing power, operating memory, or SSD disk space. Since, all VPS solutions are highly scalable and give webmasters the opportunity to add or remove resources on demand. This helps with budgeting as well, allowing businesses to make more precise planning.  
  • Expert support – managing a server without previous technical experience might seem confusing at first, even with all the tools and tutorials available. Your hosting support team can add a sense of security and take away many of the daunting tasks involved with the service. You get all the power from the VPS server while leaving the technicalities to the pros.  
  • Separate virtual space – fully managed VPS Hosting gives every user a separate virtual space on a server packed with dedicated system resources.   
  • Server management – your Hosting provider will take care of the technical aspects of server management, while you can take care your important business matters.  

Managed VPS Hosting is perfect for?  

For Ecommerce Stores – With Managed VPS Hosting your online shop does not have to share your CPU, RAM with other users. You will utilize the entire pool of resources at all times. Since Ecommerce needs to be extremely fast a VPS server is all you need.   

For Custom Plans – Some companies need customization solutions, that can’t be satisfied with different CMS solutions for building websites and apps. Those who don’t fit into any business model, need a Managed VPS Plan.   

For Multimedia Sites – Multimedia websites need an optimal performance to attract more visitors but their storage needs can be quite significant as well. Resource scalability is another VPS benefit that comes in handy with growing multimedia sites.  

For Developers- A Developer needs VPS to control machines since they have enough technical knowledge to make essential customization. VPS provides extensive freedom to users.  

For WordPress Sites – WordPress websites can also be hosted on Shared hosting but, the only problem is all the possible risks associated with these low-cost deals. If you are not confident enough to go through slower performance, weaker security, limited control. Then, you must go for VPS Hosting plans instead.   

For High-Traffic Sites – with a lack of resources you really can’t host your High-Traffic site on a shared hosting server. A dedicated server can solve your problems but, you may don’t want to pay that much. Then, VPS Hosting is an ideal solution for your website.   

How to Find the Best VPS Hosting Provider  

There are many hosting providers out in the market. But finding the one that satisfies your needs is the one you must choose. And just typing “best fully managed VPS hosting” in Google might not be enough to find the most suitable provider for your needs.   

To find a perfect hosting provider, you can consider the following facts:  
  • Support – proper customer support assistance is essential for any service but never so much as in fully managed VPS solutions. Many server owners opt for this particular service as they like to ensure that someone is overlooking their project at all times.  
  • Server stability – your website availability is as important as your loading speeds. After all, you can have the fastest website, but that wouldn’t matter if it’s down half the time. Make sure to find a provider great experience in server maintenance.   
  • Resource limits – you must look for a hosting provider that provides enough server power for your website. An advice is that you must always choose a plan more than what you normally utilize. This way, you won’t suffer from performance issues once you start accumulating more traffic.  
  • Price Range – It is easier to shortlist hosting provider based on the price range. especially if you are a startup or growing SMB. The essential thing here is not to go for the lowest monthly fee but to consider your actual value for money. Look at these questions - What kind of features does the price include? Are renewal fees much steeper than the introductory price?