Linux or Windows VPS: Which one to choose? Hosting

Linux or Windows VPS: Which one to choose?

March 29, 2022

You must have had this question about whether you should choose Linux or Windows for your VPS Server. But in reality, which one should you choose Linux or Windows VPS. If you are still confused then you must read this blog.  

VPS is popular for its security, scalability, high performance, and flexibility, all at an affordable cost. Since many developing businesses require the support of a hosting platform that can provide all the above. Due to this, VPS has become a popular choice among others. Every business needs money in order to handle, maintain and set up. That is why one prefers to have an affordable hosting solution and not expensive like a dedicated server. However, a dedicated server can make your business grow like no other. But still, it only depends on the needs, especially when one does not have money in hand, they seek cheaper options.  

On the other side, VPS also does not let you compromise on the services and features your website needs. Therefore, the industry has brought up virtual private server hosting that mimics the dedicated server hosting environment. Virtual Private Server renders your web business with the desired hosting features at affordable rates.  

Moreover, after choosing a perfect hosting solution for your website. Another choice that you must make with choosing the hosting service is the operating system. That means the operating system that you will want to run at the base of your hosting platform. Two popular operating systems that run at its base – are Linux and Windows. Furthermore, we will discuss which one to choose Linux or Windows VPS for your website.  

 Let us get started with some basics! 

What is a Virtual Private Server or VPS? 

Before starting, let’s first dig into some basics. A Virtual Private Server is a type of hosting solution which works on virtualization. It is a type of server that serves as the partition of the central physical server. Since, VPS is a powerful server split into many different virtual partitions, where each partition functions as a different server. And since, you will have a virtual server that has the features and functionality of a dedicated server. VPS hosting gives you full control over your servers and associated applications. VPS hosting comes with two options at Averthost – Self-Managed and Managed by our expert staff so that you can focus on what really matters to your business.  

The following sections will get you through the features and differences between Linux VPS hosting and Windows VPS hosting to let you know which will fit the best as per your requirements and serves best to your website. 

Basics of Linux VPS Hosting? 

Linux VPS Hosting is based on Linux Operating System. It is an open-source platform, to work at your virtual private server base. Linux has been a popular choice among others. We can see from smartphones to cars, supercomputers and home appliances, home desktops to enterprise servers, the Linux operating systems are everywhere.  

Linux can help you make a website that can act as an application server for its customers and employees. Consequently, you will be able to enhance your system’s security and functional features with Linux VPS hosting. It is perfectly designed to be used with Secure Remote Login (SSH). The complete management of your virtual private server will be done utilizing the command line. Unlike the Windows VPS, the Linux VPS is less resource hungry. Therefore, you will not need to request a regular reboot even if your website load is heavy. Mentioned below are some of the significant features of the Linux VPS Hosting that you must recognize. 

Main Features of Linux VPS Hosting 


Since VPS is mostly known for its security the virtual private server operating on Linux operating system tends to be secured with the Secure Shell (SSH). SSH let you manage VPS by typing in command lines. SSH makes Linux VPS more resource-efficient. The administrator on the Linux VPS will not be required to execute regular reboots in case of heavy loads of resources. Therefore, due to the fewer reboots, your system will be able to provide high performance. Moreover, SSH is only available with Linux VPS.  

Open – Source 

Linux is an operating system that is distributed under the license of open-source. That’s why it provides top-notch security. So, with the Linux VPS hosting, your website acquires higher levels of protection. Since, these points are a bit crucial to understand so there is a Linux community that works together to keep reviewing, identifying, and clarifying its vulnerability.  Therefore, it allows all the bugs and issues to get resolved from time to time. Additionally, Linux VPS is comparatively more secure because of the fact that it consists of a smaller user base. Being an open-source system, it becomes ideal for supporting open-source software like PHP/Pearl, Java, Python, ROR, SSH, CGI, MySQL, and many others. 


It is always effective to have server access as then you can get better control over the configuration of your virtual private server. With the Linux VPS, you will get accessibility to FTP. FTP is a beneficial tool through which you can upload and download files. For instance, you will require this tool to build a website in order to upload media files from your personal computer to your virtual private server. The Linux VPS makes it possible for you to access cPanel or Web Host Manager (WHM) in the building and hosting of your website. Both of the control panels supported by Linux are user-friendly. 


Scalability is an important feature when viewed with respect to the growing business. It helps to enhance the server’s capability to manage the workloads and demands without compromising the performance of the system. There are Linux OpenVZ VPS and Linux KVM VPS. They both will let you easily upgrade the hosting plans through the control panels in order to keep up with the increased workload of your website. But it is to be noted that you can only downgrade Linux OpenVZ as per the requirement. On the other side, with the Linux OpenVZ VPS, you will not have to reboot your virtual private server after installing the upgraded versions. 

Basics of Windows VPS Hosting? 

Windows VPS hosting is based on Windows operating system. Windows is a Microsoft product to work at the base of your virtual private server. One of the core principles of Windows VPS hosting is to let you quickly build services and administer them easily. Moreover, it incorporates automated patches and updates, and thus, you will not need to spend much time administering them. Also, with Windows working as an operating system in your virtual private server, you will have driver libraries that fit with most of the hardware in the market. Mentioned below are some of the significant features of the Windows VPS Hosting that you must recognize.  

Main Features of Windows VPS Hosting 


Windows VPS servers are known for their commercial products that are designed for common users. You will get the GUI, Graphical User Interface. GUI help you navigate easily. The Windows VPS hosting provides the most user-friendly environment for operating. However, you must know that you will need to reboot your system after every kind of patch and driver or software update. Mostly every Windows user knows that their computer restarts just after any update.  

Intensive User base 

Since a large number of computers operate on Windows operating systems, the Windows VPS hosting consists of a massive user base. With an intensive user base, it becomes obvious for cybercriminals to attack and find loopholes within Windows users. However, you must not misunderstand this fact with the inability of Windows to provide security. Windows keeps on upgrading and strengthening its protections against cyberattacks while enabling users to apply a higher level of security layers.  


The Windows virtual private server hosting enables you to operate Windows-specific software and applications that cannot be run on other operating systems. For instance, with Windows VPS hosting, you can get the support of ASP, MySQL, C#, MS Access, and many others. All the commercially available software that is available to work is targeted at Windows operating systems only. Moreover, Windows involves a larger market share compared to Linux operating systems.  


You can scale up the Windows virtual private server anytime as per your requirements. You will encounter the changes after rebooting the server following upgrade installations. However, it is to be kept in mind that the Windows VPS cannot be scaled down.   

Licensing Fee 

Since Windows is a commercial product of Microsoft, you will have to pay a common licensing fee, unlike Linux, which is free due to its open-source nature. Most of the hosting providers will include a Windows licensing fee in the offered Windows virtual private server plans and packages.  

How to Choose the Right One for Your Business? 

From the above discussion, you can judge the advantages and disadvantages of both types of hosting. However, your decision of picking Linux or Windows VPS must not be based on their pros and cons. You have to examine which one from Linux virtual private server and Windows private server will fit the most and best for your web business. Additionally, you must know the operating system you will be choosing over the other must support the maximum number of software and applications you will want to run on your server to advance your web business.  

Why is Averhost Best for Linux or Windows VPS Hosting? 

Once you decide which operating system on the VPS will serve the best to your website, you need to look for the best hosting provider that can render you the required facilities and services. At Averthost we provide SSD-powered VPS Hosting for both Linux and Windows users. At Averthost we provide excellent VPS hosting services all over the globe and enable you to opt for any of your preferred operating systems -Windows or Linux. With our data centers, we always provide great uptime and performance. So, you don’t have to get worried about Downtime. You will get 24/7 technical and customer support from our team.  

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