Successful Blog marketing strategy for your website: Step-by-Step Guide Hosting

Successful Blog marketing strategy for your website: Step-by-Step Guide

June 27, 2022

For better revenue opt for the best blog marketing strategy. Almost 60% of marketers say blogging is their top inbound marketing priority. And there is a plus point for them over marketers who don’t invest in blogging.  

Since every website has a blog page that connects with its target audience and customers. With these blogs, businesses have increased revenue, improved brand awareness, and boosted conversions with valuable written content published. But the base of their success is their blog content – undoubtedly it isn’t enough to simply have a blog. There has to be a purpose or reason for its existence. So, it is a great marketing strategy for all business owners to attract customers.  

So, what is your strategy? How do you create and maintain a successful blog that provides your target audience with worthwhile, high-quality content? So, here is our answer with a blog marketing strategy.  

Let's have a look at some of the steps of starting a successful blog. 

  • Blog topic and purpose 
  • Hosting and Domain for your blog  
  • Design your blog  
  • Your Blog Management  
  • Write valuable content  
  • Track and analyze your blog’s success 

Blog Topic and Purpose 

The first step to getting into this blog marketing strategy is to clearly define your blog’s topic and purpose. Your blog topic is the key element that will attract the audience. Since viewers will type the most relevant keywords on Google. And Google will show the blog that is most relevant to that keyword. So, you must choose a topic that Google will pick up for reference. Your blog topic should be enough to relate to your business niche and area of expertise.  

While choosing your blog purpose, ask yourself, “Why does this blog exist? “. You can also justify this question with more questions. For instance -  

  • The purpose of your company's existence. What is your company trying to fulfill? 
  • Who shares your passion for this purpose? 

Domain for your blog  

Firstly, let’s talk about your Domain name.  

A Domain name is basically a home address for your website. The visitor will type your domain name and will be redirected to your website. I think everyone must be aware of it, and how it works.  

Now Subdomains, they are part of your domain name – they appear before the domain in your URL like this – Moreover, Subdirectories are divisions of your domain that live on your website, but represent specific pages on your website. For example, a subdirectory that’d take visitors to a specific blog post on a website would look something like this –  

The option you choose for your blog has the potential to impact your organic ranking, which is why it’s important to choose wisely.  

Design your blog  

Since we all are attracted to the unique designs and the design that is eye-catching. So, design your blog in a way that makes your readers visit your website regularly. It should be well-organized, clean, and easy to navigate. It is a simple tip – don't make it complicated. Within seconds readers should know that it’s published by your company.  

Choose a theme that is consistent across your blog properties and articles. If you are choosing WordPress as your hosting, then you’ll likely have several theme options that are both free and paid.  

Your blog management  

Now, the third step in blog marketing strategy is – to think about who’s writing, running, and managing your blog. There is a lot of work to do to make your blog successful. If you don’t create ownership around each component, it’ll be difficult to reap the benefits of a successful blog operation.  

For instance -  

  • Topic ideation 
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  
  • Statistics, examples, personal stories. 
  • Editing  
  • Promotions 
  • Repurposing and updating  

Depending on your marketing team, you may find one person holds responsibility for multiple roles.  

Write valuable content  

It is very important for you to know that your blog should be both valuable and compelling to your reader’s time. It plays a huge role in how you’re viewed by your target audience, customers, competitors, and other industry leaders. This will also decide your readers' engagement and loyalty to your blog. Remember your blog marketing strategy will also hopefully convert your readers to your customers, too.  

Even though it’s hard to gain new readers but it is even harder to maintain current readers. So, focus on producing content that provides useful and worthwhile information so they stick around for the longest time.  

Track and analyze your success 

Remember to track and analyze the success of your blog usually. Tracking and analyzing will give you insights as well as some inputs on how you can do better. To do this, decide which metric matter most to you and your business. Once you understand how a specific metric contributes to a positive outcome, then you’ll be able to make your blogging strategy more targeted.  

For the best blog marketing strategy track -  

  • Number of readers and subscribers  
  • Number of page views per post 
  • Referrals 
  • Backlinks  
  • Overall traffic 

Keep an eye on your competitors

The next step for a successful blog marketing strategy - is important to keep an eye on these other thought-leaders in your industry. Your competitors will give you an insight into what is working and what is not among your target audience.  

You will get to know about what they are experimenting with and what you need to accomplish to stand out and provide your readers with valuable content. Make a list of your top competitors with blogs you could conduct a content audit on. Look at the type of content they share, the technologies they use, and how they are doing in terms of ranking for the keywords you hope to rank for.  

blog marketing strategy to Promote your content  

It is always important to promote your blog just like your products. This refers to your ability to get your content out there so your target audience finds, reads, and shares it.  

There are many ways you can promote your blog. For instance, with social media platforms. Another common form of effective blog promotion involves an influencer blog marketing strategy. As you begin making and managing your influencer connections, remain in regular contact with the ones who are promoting your blog content.