Why Shared hosting is good for bloggers in India Hosting

Why Shared hosting is good for bloggers in India

Feb. 23, 2022

What do you do in your free time? Maybe you write something, around the world blogging is one of the most used content marketing platforms as it provides accessible and detailed information to the intended audience. Moreover, many housewives, retired persons, and students write blogs in their proficient areas. And help many others by writing meaningful content. Writing blogs became an important part of their life. There are three main types of hosting services for bloggers – 1. Shared Hosting 2. VPS Hosting 3. Dedicated Hosting  

Out of the three options shared Hosting is the cheapest hosting service you can get. It can be a great option for a beginner.  

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What is Shared hosting? 

Firstly, this is a type of hosting service where multiple websites are being hosted on the same server. In this type of hosting, every website is given limited resources like RAM, CPU, bandwidth. Since shared hosting is very affordable it becomes the first choice of every blogger. If you are a beginner then this hosting would be the best option for you. It is affordable and you can update to other plans once you start to get sufficient traffic on your website.  

Why you should choose shared hosting for your blog website -  

When you are starting out for the first time, Shared hosting is the best choice. With this choice, you will save money, and there are unlimited resources for hosting which can meet all of your basic requirements. Moreover, VPS and dedicated hosting are costly, and for any beginner, these would represent overkill. 

It is highly recommended that you opt for shared hosting as you begin your Internet career.  If the time comes when you need more server resources than shared hosting provides, you can simply upgrade to VPS or cloud hosting. 

Advantages of Shared Web Hosting  

  • Cost-effective: The cost to customers is kept low due to multiple users contributing to the costs of the server. 
  • Flexible: You can choose shared plans that fit the needs of your growing website. For example, if you find yourself needing another website, more cloud storage, or more FTP users, you can upgrade to a plan that provides it. 
  • Secure: Although the space and resources are shared on a server, your information is not. Other websites utilizing your shared server are not able to access any of your website’s data. Additional security features provided by some web hosting companies also defend your website against cyber security threats. 
  • Straightforward setup: Setting up your website on a shared server is quick and easy. Shared hosting experiences are designed to support the less tech-savvy so you can get your website running with maximum efficiency and minimum technical knowledge. 
  • Effortless maintenance: The shared server is maintained by your web host provider so you can stay focused on growing your platform rather than working out bugs, or installing software updates. Leave that to the professional technical assistants. 

Why It is suitable for you? 

Firstly, Shared hosting is most suitable for the person or business that: 

  • Has limited background knowledge of web hosting 
  • Wants to save on costs 
  • Values hassle-free website management 
  • Requires a simple website for small businesses or personal purposes 
  • Is interested in learning web design, coding, or WordPress 

Where to get the best Shared hosting? 

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Reasons to choose Averthost as your Hosting provider 

  • SSD Powered Infrastructure 
  • Own Data Centre 
  • Affordable and Reasonable Pricing  
  • Great uptime and performance  
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