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Why You Should Choose VPS Over Shared Hosting?
Feb. 8, 2022

A **virtual private server (VPS)** is a virtual machine sold as a service by **** an Internet hosting service. VPS is a great option for SaaS Providers, game makers, programmers, companies that have outgrown their shared hosting, and any company that needs a secure and affordable backup environment. Secondly, VPS Hosting is still a very new term for people in the website development world. There are still many webmasters and web agencies who are not clear about what they are going to get if they

Best WordPress Hosting Plans with Averthost
Jan. 31, 2022

With the growing number of small businesses, we start to see the value of a website to get their business online. But at the same time, choosing a reliable, high-performing and cost-efficient WordPress hosting Plan seems even more complicated now. Before choosing a Hosting Service for your client, get an answer to this simple question. ### Will you be hosting your client’s websites in your account or their account? * Individual WordPress Hosting plans to each client’s account as you acqui

Free WordPress Hosting for Students! Know the Process
Jan. 29, 2022

Free WordPress Web Hosting plan for students at Averthost is great for starting or even medium projects. And is the best Web hosting plan for Students in India! You'll get absolutely free of cost, simple, and great features with our Free WordPress Hosting for students. Your account will be activated instantly and you'll be able to build your website like a PRO without any technical knowledge! F ## **What is WordPress?** Well, WordPress is the world’s largest content management system (CMS),

Is Reseller Hosting the Right Option for Making Profits?
Jan. 27, 2022

Everyone wants to earn profit and make money, and the reseller hosting program lets users be a client of a third-party hosting provider, and resell the hosting solutions under their own brand name. Essentially, the concept is about buying from one hand reselling a chunk of the service to users, and generating sound revenue out of it. Reseller Plans are designed for you to earn money by Reselling. And is the easiest way to start your own hosting business at the most affordable prices. By using on

Managed or Self-managed VPS Hosting: Which One to Choose?
Jan. 25, 2022

## **Managed or Self-managed VPS Hosting?** You might be confused between dozens of web hosting packages available in the market, and for asking about the difference between managed or Self-managed VPS, we can’t blame you. We all know that choosing the correct plan for your business is an intimidating task. Plus, on top of it all, you’ll have to choose between a managed or a Self-managed plan. But the question is what are they really and which option is right for you? We’re going to review the

Read this before getting a Shared Hosting Plan
Jan. 19, 2022

We all know that Shared hosting plan is the most affordable hosting solution among others. However, while it’s cheaper than VPS, dedicated server, and cloud hosting, that doesn’t mean you ought to settle for discount basement resources and options. Many don’t know about the resources and accessibility they will be getting with shared hosting plan and may find themselves with terrible services. This simple guide is for them, not to be in a situation like this. So, read on if you find it useful an